SEO Mistakes That Most of the Blogger Make

There is one thing consistent about SEO, i.e. the change. SEO scenarios change with every Google algorithmic update and it becomes pretty easier for the SEOs to get obsessed with the urge to get accustomed with the change in tactic to cope with the change. However, the common mistake that most of the professionals make during the process is to forget about the basics of SEO and focusing entirely on the tactic0based approach. Now, it doesn’t mean one should take the algorithmic change lightly. Surely you cannot afford to lag behind in the competition. But if you are caring about the basics, that will turn out to be even more disastrous.

When it comes to sticking with the basics while fulfilling the new requirements, the discussion has to involve the blogging and/or content writing. With that said, it’s worth mentioning the SEO mistakes that most of the bloggers make.

Keyword structure which is not optimized well

Although machine learning and semantic search are on the rise, the value of keyword research remains intact. Any SEO or content marketing campaign needs to be based on high quality keywords in order to succeed. Hence, the on-site content needs to be linked to related topics and keywords.

Unfortunately, this requirement is not being fulfilled well by the bloggers and SEOs in the industry. They seem to miss the basics, and some do it knowingly as they believe that keyword research doesn’t matter anymore. However, the fact is that it does matter and that too in pretty advanced manner. The keyword research has evolved into the phrase research which is far more advanced as compared to simple keyword research.

Inconsistent internal linking

This is another very common mistake which most of the bloggers and SEO make. The on-site content and blogs need to be interlinked quite smartly. The reason is that some of the blog manage to do well in the SERPs while some may not be able to achieve good ranks. The benefit of good internal linking is that the poor performing pages get valuable hits which may help those pages to get better spots in the search results. However, you have to make sure that reason for the poor performance of those certain pages is not the application of blacklisted SEO practices.

Poor page copy

Although you want your website to rank well in search engines, your primary focus should be about entertaining readers. Sometimes, the bloggers tend to show off the knowledge with excessive jargon which the readers do not like to read at all. Hence, they push the ‘back’ button, leaving the page to have higher bounce rate. Remember, on-site content, most of the times, is the way to create awareness instead of marketing. Therefore, your primary focus while creating the on-site content should be to provide solutions to the readers. Don’t worry about the marketing of your services because they are already on your website and they would like to go to the product pages only when they would start to trust your website.


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